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About Us

Elly started practing pilates after the birth of her second child in 2011. In her youth she found happiness in movement through ballet, tap, and jazz. She enjoys classical pilates with a focus on the precision of the movement. She hopes to inspire others to move. Nordic Park Pilates Studio is a small studio with a big focus. To touch lives with pilates, as we have been touched. 

Elly received Mat 1, Mat 2, and Mat 3 teacher training at Discover Happy in Decorah Iowa through the Pilates Education Institute, an approved PMA training program. She is a Pilates Method Alliance member. She completed Reformer 1 and 2 teacher training in 2017.

Elly believes pilates has a lifelong benefit for all individuals--- 3 to 103!

She is active with her family and enjoys biking, swimming, running, hiking, and camping.