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​Deep Thoughts from our Beautiful Clients

  1. I had no idea that was what pilates was. At first I was nervous, but I always want to do pilates with you now. That was great! Thank you! - R.L., Decorah
  2. In the amazing sessions you invested in me, your movements, your dialogue, your flow - it was smooth, knowledge and expertise reflected, professional, effortless. Thank you! - A.C., Decorah
  3. My physical therapist said I should do pilates since my back surgery and I like coming to work out with you. Thank you! - S.S., Calmar
  4. Wow~! That was harder than I thought! What a great core workout! When can I work with you again! - C.R., Cresco
  5. That was fun! - T.S., Decorah
  6. I'm still "good sore" from the other day. Thanks! -H.T., Decorah
  7. The reformer helps me feel strong again, and challenges my balance since my brain tumor surgery. I think as I continue, it will help with my flexibility too. - B.L., Decorah
  8. Pilates helps my kick stay strong in swimming. All swimmers should do pilates! - A.L., Decorah